Old Ginger + Wormwood

Old Ginger + Wormwood

Old Ginger + Wormwood Detox Foot Patch

Get rid of rheumatism
Dispel cold & numbness
Relieve joints pain
Ease muscle soreness

Suitable for the elderly who suffer from rheumatism, experience swollen, stiff or sprained feet

Ingredients: Ginger extract, Wormwood extract, Bamboo Vinegar, Dextrin, Vitamin C, Chitin, Polyethylene glycol, Tourmaline

If you suffer from rheumatism pain, arthritis pain, severe leg cramps and restless legs, then these ginger + wormwood detox foot patches are a must-have! These patches are developed with our patented formulation to increase and revive blood circulation, improve cognitive function and help you relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Research found that ginger can help to relieve joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and was an effective pain reliever for human muscle pain resulting from an exercise-induced injury.