Green Tea

Green Tea Foot Patch

Green Tea Detox Foot Patch

Contour the figure
Improve skin tone
Slim the body
Improve constipation

Suitable for those who need to slim the body, improve skin tone and body health condition

Ingredients : Green Tea, Bamboo Vinegar, Dextrin, Vitamin C, Polyethylene glycol, Tourmaline

Our toxin-cleansing green tea detox foot patches are designed to safely remove toxins from your entire body from the soles of your feet. Made from all-natural green tea extract, known for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties, these patches penetrate deep into your body’s acupuncture meridian points to offer optimal stimulation and improve your body’s overall blood circulation.

Green Tea foot patch

Green tea well-known for containing chockful of antioxidants which will help your body increase the formation of detoxification properties. Studies suggest that green tea may positively affect skin health and help with weight loss.

Green Tea foot patch
Green Tea foot patch