Have you ever wondered why you need to use a separate wash for your intimate area?

Well, we are here to answer that. 

The skin of the genital area contains many nerve cells that react badly even to the slightest skin discomfort.

That is why you need to pay special attention to it by cleaning it with adapted feminine wash products that help to maintain hydration and protect it from external aggressions.

A feminine wash, also called an intimate wash, is used to ensure perfect genital hygiene.

It must be used on a daily basis, at least once a day.

Standard soap or shower gels are usually too aggressive for the vaginal area. This is the reason why most women are moving towards vaginal wash products for daily use, as it is designed for this sensitive area.

A feminine wash is not used to solve a particular problem of vaginal or vulvar infection, but to ensure everyday cleanliness of the vulvo-vaginal area.

Cleaning with water alone can lead to vaginal dryness. That’s where feminine wash comes into play.

Let’s try to understand how to clean the intimate area appropriately.

Use a feminine wash. It’s formula, adapted to the sensitivity of the skin, respects its natural hydration.

Pour some in your hand and apply it on the external area during shower or regular toilet usage.

Clean from front to back so as not to bring back the germs of the anus towards the vulva area and the vagina.

Rinse well after that.

For best results, you can cleanse with a feminine wash once or twice a day, when you shower.

Neroli 1 - Copy.png

Feminine Intimate Washing Gel 200ml


                      Daily use

Eucalytus 1 - Copy.png

Feminine Intimate Washing Gel 200ml


                      Period use

Citrus 1 - Copy.png

Feminine Intimate Washing Gel 200ml

                        Citrus Cool

                          Daily use

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Feminine Intimate Deodorant Spray 50ml

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