- Remove fluid retention

- Ease muscle aching

- Promote sleeping              

- Promote relaxation


Suitable for those who stand and walk in long hours, aching legs, need a sound sleep 

Ingredients: Lavender Extract, Bamboo Vinegar, Dextrin, Vitamin C, Silica, Chitin, Polyethylene glycol, Tourmaline

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The Negative Ion + Lavender detox foot patches adopt the techniques of overall well-being, as first discovered by Eastern medicine centuries ago. Many common ailments stem from the feet and these foot patches effectively stimulate the feet in order to cleanse the body, improve blood circulation, soothe your nerves and remove negative toxins, aches and stresses.

Made from a unique blend of ingredients, these aromatic scented patches are sure to leave you feeling great!

Negative ions helping reducing symptoms of depression for some people. It having an activating influence on somebody's systems and cognitive performance, promoting antimicrobial activity and boost immune system function. Lavender helps regulate sleep patterns and mood, reduce stress.

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Area to apply

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Instruction to use

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1. Peel off the larger portion of adhesive sheet

2. Shake and flatten the powder. Place the foot patch (the wording side) in the middle of the adhesive sheet.

3. Apply it to the both soles of the feet and other uncomfortable body parts before going to bed.

4. Remove the patch in the next day. Wipe surface with the wet towel until it’s no longer sticky.

Things to note

Only for external usage

Zip well unused foot patch

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding

Do not use on sensitives skin or wounds

Suitable for use during menstruations