Bamboo Vinegar Detox Foot Patch
Bamboo Vinegar assisting body’s recovery from fatigue, pacification of mind and body. Suitable for those who exercise regularly, need to increase immune functions and recover energy levels.
竹醋帮助身体恢复疲劳,安抚身心。 适合经常运动,需要增强免疫功能和恢复能量水平的人群。
Promote healthy immune system        促进免疫系统健康
Promote metabolism                              促进新陈代谢
Reduce fatigue & boost energy levels  减少疲劳、提高能量水平
Eliminate foot odor                                  消除脚臭
Ease gout discomfort                              缓解痛风不适


Ingredients: Bamboo extract, Mangrove Wood vinegar, Loquat leaf, Chitosan, Vitamin C, Bamboo Charcoal, Tourmaline, Silica, Dextrin

Get long-lasting relief from body aches, fatigue, and health issues. Created from bamboo tree extracts, this foot relief patch uses bamboo extracts to help soak up toxins from your body, leaving you feeling more energised and invigorated. Also experience improved sleep and day-to-day performance with this all-natural detox foot patch. Once the patch is pasted, you’ll instantly start to feel better as the toxins are slowly drawn out of your body.
bamboo foot patch